27 September 2016


At Existor we are attempting to build algorithms to achieve a truly natural level of human like interaction. We are doing this by acquiring and assembling enormous conversational datasets.

Our work is focused on human-computer interaction and creating tools to facilitate bot creation. Our bots are probably the most popular bots globally, with over 4 million users a month, and hundreds of millions of views on You Tube. We are entering the age of bots where you will be holding a conversation rather than navigating a visual interface, right now, those conversations can feel limited and robotic which puts our conversational bots at the forefront of this technological wave.

Our data and our avatars

We log all the interactions with our bots, and have now gathered about 3 billion of them. This is a substantial amount of data, one of the largest corpuses of machine-human chatting data in the world. This allows us to engineer features, evaluate our learned models, serve predictions, incorporate changes to our system and so on.

Evie, the popular avatar which appears at www.eviebot.com. and her first artificial companion Boibot  were joined by Chimbot in 2016. Our avatars now appear as fully moving faces on desktops and mobiles. They use Flash if your browser has support, but still work without it, thanks to our own Existor Avatar Player technology.

We’ve created a lot of new technology to give an entertaining chatting experience. There’s the learning AI, the same software that runs the text-only chat at www.cleverbot.com on graphics cards. For our avatars the AI is extended to controlling the timing and degree of facial expressions. Their movements, reactions and emotions blend and vary in surprisingly complex ways. And voices are delivered to your browser along with lip synching information to really bring the avatars life!

Please contact us with any enquiries about using Cleverscript, Cleverbot or Evie commercially, or any questions related with artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual assistants.