NOTE: This AI learns from people - things said may seem inappropriate - use at your own risk
PARENTS: Visitors never talk to a human - the AI knows many topics - use only with oversight

Artificial Intelligence Overview

Artificial Intelligence is communication. Natural language is universal.

Our Goal
Our goal is to be the first software to pass the Turing Test. This will be a major breakthrough in human machine communication, i.e. humans having conversations in natural language with machines. Imagine Siri but able to hold a conversation, not just a QA search. We built our own version of Siri that merges the scripted approach that Siri uses and blends it with our deep context. Our current work is creating a human like memory and merging our semantic equivalents code into the General AI code.

It requires massive data. We have around 170m rows of filtered learnt data now derived from around 8.5 billion lines of conversation. It also requires massive processing and that is why we have recently converted from SSDs to GPUs.